Sunday, November 20, 2016


In the two weeks starting from the birth anniversary of our nation’s founder Mahatma Gandhi, Kartavya, the CSR club of IIM Raipur, under the banner of MHRD’s Swachhta Pakhwada, conducted three events to foster the spirit of cleanliness of mind and body for the students and staff of IIM Raipur. With the encouragement of our director Dr. B.S.Sahay, a blood donation camp was organized. This was followed by an documentary viewing for our sanitation staff on Saturday, 10th October. The highlight of the week was when all students and staff came together to take the pledge of cleanliness. 

Event: Blood Donation Camp

Kartavya, the CSR Club of the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Raipur organised a blood donation camp in coordination with Red Cross Society in the campus on Wednesday, 7th September. The event saw enthusiastic participation from more than 130 donors including students and faculty from colleges like IIM Raipur, IIT Bhilai, GEC Raipur and from various other colleges in Raipur.
By donating blood, a person can save up to three lives. This was the main reason which propelled donors to come forward and donate. In the week preceding the camp, Kartavya actively dispelled many myths and fears about blood donation and spread awareness about the health benefits of cleansing one’s blood through blood donation. It was not widely known that blood donation decreases cholesterol levels and lowers the risk of heart disease and cancer. Through this event we started our ‘Swachhta Pakhwada’ encouraging everyone to cleanse themselves and also save the lives of up to three other people.
The event was a huge success in raising awareness and giving an opportunity to many first-time donors who let go of their fear and promised to not just be regular donors themselves, but also spread awareness among friends and relatives.  

Event: Documentary on Sanitation

“Where there is both inner and outer cleanliness, it approaches godliness” - MAHATMA GANDHI
Following these words of our nation’s father, Team Kartavya organized a ‘Sanitary Good Practices and Awareness’ session for the cleaning staff of IIM Raipur on 10th September, 2016. This was done in conjunction with Swachhta Pakhwada organized by the MHRD, Government of India. These staff, who are our first line of defense against all the diseases originating from unhygienic environment, were made aware of the various risks they face and how to tackle them with some simple but efficient practices to protect themselves and their family. This was done via the means of two inspiring videos and a open discussion led by Kartavya team members.

Event: Swachhta Pledge

The members of Kartavya invited all students and staff to come together on the evening of 12th October. Students and staff took time out to come and take the pledge of cleanliness. Kartavya team members administered the pledge to ‘not indulge in littering and to not allow it to happen’. Further, all present pledged to devote 2 hours per week towards voluntary work for cleanliness and to further propagate the same pledge among friends and family. 

 Swachhta Pledge 
I take this pledge that I will remain committed towards cleanliness and devote time for this. 
I will devote 100 hours per year - that is 2 hours per week - towards voluntary work for cleanliness.
I will neither litter nor let others litter. 
I will initiate the quest for cleanliness with myself, my family, my locality, my village and my workplace.  
I believe that the countries of the world that appear clean are so because their citizens don't indulge in littering nor do they allow it to happen.
With this firm belief, I will propagate the message of Swachh Bharat Mission in villages and towns. 
I will encourage 100 other persons to take this pledge which I am taking today.
I will endeavour to make them devote their 100 hours of cleanliness
I am confident that every step I take towards cleanlines will help make my country clean.

With the above three events during the Swachhta Pakhwada, Kartavvya –CSR club of IIM Raipur tried to spread the message of Cleanliness. Cleanliness of the body brings about the purity of mind. A neat and clean body with a clean mind is the abode of god. We should get into the habit of being clean. Let’s work together. Let’s make swachh bharat a reality.

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