Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Junkyard Wars

India’s garbage generation stands at 0.2 to 0.6 kilograms of garbage per head per day. According to last year’s data urban India was the world’s third-largest garbage generator. So what can be done with those items other than disposing them?
Even a fossil can be turned into diamond; hence nothing in this world can be categorized as waste if its true value is recognized. As an initiative to inculcate this notion in an interactive and fun filled way amongst the incoming batch of IIM Raipur, Kartavya organized ‘Junkyard Wars’ - converting trash to any display products - on 28th June 2016. 
It was a night which witnessed IIM Raipur having its miniature rocket launching station, Iron throne, movie theatre and much more. If it is thought that they were built with iron and steel, it is wrong! They were made of newspapers, cardboards, bottles and all other materials that are considered waste and are to be disposed into the dustbins the next day.

The entire IIM R fraternity stood in awe after witnessing what the creative minds of the incoming batch can visualize and accomplish. What resulted was nothing less than a marvel!

Students were divided into two sections to perform the activity. They were given a limited time within which they had to procure the waste materials around the campus and conceptualize and materialize the outcome and present it to the audience in a convincing manner which was truly appreciable.

 The event apart from tapping the creativity also managed to inculcate the spirit of team building into them. Ultimately what evolved as a result of this event was excitement and pure fun.