Saturday, July 11, 2015

Nukkad Natak

The crowd was dumbstruck and the whole vicinity around Telibandha Park was breathing energy as the final performance of Nukkad Natak concluded. Kartavya-The CSR Club of IIM Raipur added one more flag in its fleet of events when it conducted Nukkad Natak - The Street Show as a part of IIM Raipur’s annual Business and Cultural Fest ‘Equinox 5.0’. Three months down the line when the planning for the event started, a layout for the event was laid. The motivation for such an activity was to deliver a Social Message; though none of us imagined it’ll get such a huge and warm response from the audience.

The trend of Road Shows is surely on a decline in our country, but then, the Social Values in our countrymen has also not been on any significant incline.The thought was hence to address both the issues and the best possible way was to come out with Social Plays that would convey a worthy message to the society at large. All of it started with a team of doctors from AIIMS Raipur who wonderfully acted and brought out the all-important issue of Women Empowerment. Certain critical issues pertaining to dowry, ill-treatment and many others were depicted in a very soothing way. The group then moved to cover the act of corruption and bureaucracy and showed how the ‘Sifarshi Lals – people favored by top officials’ are ruining the state of the country.

Then we had a team of students from Navodaya Vidhayalaya and the young brigades made a remarkable entry offering traditional prayer to the God Almighty. The students thereafter, very cleverly yet very humbly, reiterated how we, the citizens of the largest Democracy,ourselves are responsible for our pathetic situations. We’re the ones who elect the government without even giving a proper check on their backgrounds. We’re the ones who bear all the pain and the agony, yet never come up and stand for our rights. It’s because of our laid back attitude that canny politicians take us for granted and do no good for the society.

The next was the most terrific performance of the evening. And the command was in the hands of Engineers from NIT Raipur. With impeccable combination of themed attire, painted face and vigorous eyes, the group stunned everyone in the crowd with their thrilling energy and to-the-point communication. They started by imitating the most cruel some and inhumane act of ‘Rape’. This brought forth the trauma, the agony and the pain the victim has to go through while the culprit still roams free in the lanes and aisles of the town. This is the state of the nation where Judicial System is slow as a snail and where the laws are equivocal. The act proceeded and the group touched the issue of pollution and imprudent use of resources. The audience was left searching for answers when the group questioned them if they utilized the resources with them judiciously!! The act concluded on a real positive note when the performers enacted how it’s the Good that always win over the Evil. They showcased a situation wherein people came together as a wise bunch and penalize the wrong doers. The roar of claps surrounded all when they had ‘God’ come in his usual Avatar and do justice in his unique and candid way. 

The square for now was all occupied and the travelers peeped in from the grills to watch the string of Acts one after the other. The participants as well as the organizers just preyed and hoped that each person from the mob takes something good out of the ‘Plays’. The acts may have concluded but our initiative of ‘Changing the lives of people for a better tomorrow’ is still on and will continue till the time we get back ‘Ram Rajya’ in our country. The magnitude of intensity and enthusiasm that the participants and audience displayed remain the highlight of what turned out to be a Successful, Enjoyable and yet a Learning event.