Thursday, March 26, 2015

Health Camp at Sejbahar

Narayana Health ( formerly Hrudalaya) NHMMI organized a health camp in Sejbahar village of Raiur on 19th March 2015.  Kartavya-the CSR club of IIM Raipur volunteered to make the initiative successful. The camp was for free health check-up and medical counseling for the residents of Sejbahar village. A team of doctors that comprised of a general physician, an orthopedist and a gynecologist visited the village and conducted the medical check-up.

The camp was organized at Anganbadi area of Sejbahar so that maximum people could come and gain benefits of formal medical counseling. To promote the event, students of IIM Raipur visited all the residences and spread awareness about the same among the villagers. They laid utmost emphasis for villagers to visit the camp and hence get proper medication for any health issues. Posters and banners were put up at various strategic locations across the village in order to gain maximum eyes. In the process, the students also conducted various sessions with the residents of village and addressed important issues related to health care. A vehicle was also used in the proceedings which made continuous announcement regarding the health camp via loud speakers. Covered with flexes, the automobile took various rounds of the village, stopped at various junctures and hence promoted the noble initiative among the audiences.

The camp witnessed a decent turnout of public. As desired, women along with elderly and children constituted the majority of the gathering. It was a big opportunity for the residents of the village and they availed it by turning in large numbers. As a matter of fact, the medical facilities in the village are not up to the standard and people are reluctant to visit the hospitals pertaining to financial constraints, lack of awareness and poor transport facilities.

Students Affair Chairperson at IIM Raipur, Dr. Ashish Garg personally visited the health camp and ensured smooth and hassle free proceeding. The members of Kartavya Club reached the venue early and arranged for all the required facilities before the esteemed doctors from NHMMI arrived. The two organizations worked cordially and impeccably to make the whole event a great success. More so, they magnificently exhibited how people from within the society can contribute their bit and hence bring a change in the life of others.