Thursday, December 4, 2014

Blood donation camp by IIM Raipur and Magneto Mall.

In India only about 10% of the blood demand is met and blood comes only through donations from people.   In our country there are reservations about blood donation. The only need is to create awareness among people that donating blood has no harm, but only benefits. This gives the person donating blood to get his blood refreshed, new blood cells to be created and also gives him/her an opportunity to get his blood tested. The blood taken from a single person can save up to 3 lives. So the mental satisfaction which it gives of serving our society outweighs any other benefit.
Understanding these conditions the Kartavya Club of IIM Raipur saw it as an opportune moment on 2nd December to join hands with the Indian Red Cross Society and the Magneto Mall to set up camp at Magneto mall to conduct a blood donation drive and more than that to spread awareness about blood donation.
The event started at about 3:00 PM in the evening because that is the time when people come for leisure to the malls and have plenty of time with them.
A lot of students apart from the club members volunteered to help make this event a success which it really turned out to be when it ended at 9:30 at night. By that time blood samples of about 100 persons had been tested and about 95 had donated blood.
The people were first of all asked to fill out a questionnaire which had questions related to their medical history and anything that could have an impact on their blood donating ability. Blood samples were also taken and tested to make sure that people who were donating were capable enough and that the blood being taken was healthy enough.
There were six beds to recline the donating persons and during the whole event rarely one could see any bed empty as people kept on pouring in to donating blood responding to the human call of IIM students. Some people even requested after the time was over to donate their blood because of which timing had to be extended.

In the end it turned out to be a very successful event not just because a lot more than expected people had donated blood but because even those who did not donate became more aware about it.