Sunday, September 14, 2014

Kartavya steps up with "Rahat" for J&K flood victims.

Kartavya steps up with "RAHAT" for J&K flood victims.

A devastating flood came in Jammu & Kashmir in the month of September, 2014, claiming over 200 lives till now. This flood has been claimed as the worst flood of Jammu & Kashmir of the last 50 years. Over 450 villages have been marooned, and a large number of houses destroyed and roads and bridges damaged. The rescue and relief operations are on full run. Indian PM Narendra Modi has declared it as a national disaster. The govt. has allocated Rs. 1100 Crores for J&K floods. Many rivers also raised above the danger level, threatening of more floods in the coming days.
In response to the above situation, we, the members of ‘Kartavya’, the CSR club of IIM Raipur have decided to help the poor stranded people of J&K by establishing a temporary collection centre in Raipur to collect some useful things from the people of Raipur, and sending them across to the affected areas of the state via ‘Goonj’, a national level NGO.

We have named the mission as RAHAT.


We need to donate our old clothes or anything which is of no use to us which can be of use to the poor and needy like blankets, quilts etc or anything deemed fit for human survival. In about a month it is going to be extremely cold in the state which is going to make survival difficult for the homeless.
We urge students to donate with full heart and get others to donate. We would form committees at IIM Raipur which would roam around the city swiftly and collect such things. We also look for sponsorship from organizations who are willing to donate for the cause. The students from the committees will facilitate these tasks.


Collecting at least one full truck load of basic necessities from the Raipur and then transporting the same to the affected areas.


Volunteers are being sought from among the students of IIM Raipur.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

IIM Raipur and Rotary Club join hands to organize SHINE: The Youth Festival

IIM Raipur and Rotary Club join hands to organize SHINE: 

The Youth Festival

On 30th and 31st of August MAIC(Maharaja Agrasen International College) of Raipur became witness to the furious competitions that went underway among the youth of the nation. Young minds brainstormed, talked, danced and showcased their every skill in the event SHINE; a joint collaboration between IIM Raipur and Rotary Club of Raipur Cosmopolitan. 
Kartavya the CSR club of IIM Raipur 
represented the institute at the festival.

Rotary club is a part of the Rotary International the biggest NGO in the world whose motto is “Service above self”. Rotary has its presence so far in 200 countries and has 34000 clubs as its part, Rotary club of Raipur being one of themThis time around 500 students from 42 different schools of Raipur took part in SHINE which is an annual youth festival organized each year by Rotary club of Raipur and for the first time IIM Raipur students became a part of it.

Students drew amazing paintings on social issues. Few of the paintings were a treat for eyes. Visitors were taken aback by the creativity and thoughtfulness of the young minds. The way students spoke in group discussions, debates and block the talk left the judges and the IIM Raipur students awestruck. Their communication skills and knowledge on various topics were non-commensurate with their age. After every competition the audience was elated to see the potential of our youth.

Judges were eminent personalities from different sectors of education. Professor Anagha Shupre judged the event Art Attack, while on the same day professors Parikshit Charan and Saurabh Pandya acted as judges for the event Block the Talk. On Second day Dr Ashish Garg and Professor Mukesh Kumar acted as judges in Group discussions.The prize distribution ceremony took place in the end. The chief guest was the culture and tourism minister of Chattisgarh Ajay Chandrakar. Along with him was professor Vinita Sahay from IIM Raipur.
In the end it was an amazing experience for many students from IIM Raipur who got to learn from the youth of the future and got an opportunity to work with the biggest NGO of the world because we at IIM Raipur firmly believe in these words of Franklin D. Roosevelt “We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future”.

Pratigya: The Annual Oath Taking Ceremony.

Kartavya team organized its first event of the new academic year with the oath taking ceremony known as Pratigya. Pratigya is held every year on Independence Day to inculcate ethical and social spirit in future managers. It aims to make managers more responsible towards their society and environment with each action that they do.
With these intentions the students of fifth PGP batch of IIM Raipur gathered around diyas. A short introduction speech was made to explain to the students what this society expects from them and how they can deliver for the growth and betterment of the society.

Students pledged to be ethical and morally responsible in future. It is most important from the perspective of today. The break neck competition in market often puts corporations or individuals in such positions where the line between wrong and right becomes very thin. Such decisions impact not only the corporation but also the society and the environment.  There the decision depends on the ethical values of the manager.
After the oath around 125 students lit a diya each to substantiate their oath. To make the event even more memorable after the oath all students lit sky lanterns.

The oath which the students took is given on the left.