Friday, January 31, 2014

Equinox 4.0

31st January, 2014.
IIM Raipur is hosting its annual business and cultural festival. It is a 3 day festival starting from 31st January and culminating on 2nd February. Kartavya  is hosting two of its major business events - 

1)The Socialis Procurator- A case study based on issues faced by NGOs . In this, the teams will be made to visit the NGOs and get a live description of their problems. They will then figure out the optimal solution

2)Toma De Video - A video focusing on social issues that we encounter in our day to day lives.
Both these events help in building a sense of social responsibility among the managers of the tomorrow.

There are 2 rounds of the event Socialis Procurator. The prelims were conducted online in the form of quiz. The shortlisted teams are requested to visit the campus on 2nd February, 2014 to visit the NGOs, understand the issues and present their solutions to the judges.
Toma De Video which is an online video event focusing on social issues gives the participants a chance to speak out their thoughts on various moral and social dilemmas faced by them in their daily lives.

Results of both the events will declared on the final day of the festival i.e 2nd February, 2014.
Stay tuned to know more about these events.

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Friday, January 3, 2014

Blood Donation Camp- Phase 2 @ IIM Raipur

To the young and healthy it’s no loss. To sick it’s hope of life. Donate Blood to give back life.

Kartavya , on behalf of IIM Raipur organized a Blood Donation Camp at IIM Raipur( College Premises) on 2nd January, 2014 in association with the Indian Red Cross Society. This was the second phase of the event, the first arranged at Magneto - The Mall, Raipur. The first phase witnessed a huge response from the masses of Raipur. The second phase was also a very successful one with students, faculty and staff members contributing whole heartedly to the noble cause.
The event started at 10 am in the morning  and continued till 6 pm.The event  witnessed the total turnaround of 74 donors. There was participation from the neighboring Government Engineering College.
The blood samples of the donors were initially tested by the Indian Red Cross Society Members. Only those samples which met the conditions of blood donation were accepted. This was followed so that the blood collected was of good quality and the donors health was not put to risk.
Kartavya expresses its gratitude to IIM Raipur Administration and Indian Red Cross Society for facilitating the event so smoothly.
A great round of applause for all the people who made their presence felt for the cause making this event a success.
Five minutes of your time + 350 ml. of your blood = One life saved.

So, Donate Blood. Save Life!