Monday, August 26, 2013

An Inspiring Tale-Yogesh Gupta

“I took the one less travelled by, and that has made all the difference”

Even though I started my life after my birth, actually I started living after losing my eyesight. I am Yogesh

Gupta, born and bought up in Pune. After an accident in 2001, I gradually lost my eyesight, completely

by 2008. Till 2005, I could only see sunlight, people standing close to me and sometimes dark colours,

not enough for studying. I went to Delhi in November 2005, for my eye-treatment and stayed there for

more than a year. Even after taking treatment from AIIMS, my eye condition wasn’t resolved. I came

back to Pune in February 2007 and decided to continue my studies.

At this stage, my first objective was to find a mentor to guide me how to go further with my education.

I visited some NGOs and received guidance about the courses and how to go about it. During this time

I met a teacher who decided to teach me for my 10

also taught me how to envision my dreams and how to achieve those dreams. As I moved further in my

life I started making new friends which are an important part of my life. Because of them the meaning

of my life changed and now I had a goal, an ambition to achieve. I wanted to get into IIMs and after

completing my education I wanted to be a leader in an organization. While dreaming of my ambition I

also came across many challenges which later on became learning experiences, not to forget the kind of

support I had of my family, teachers and friends. I never believed that I would be able to accomplish so

many things in my life.

In the first year of my graduation, I started a writers’ club which named as Eyes For Blind. The objective

of this group was to arrange and provide scribes to all the visually and physically challenged people

who were not able to write their paper on their own and needed assistant for this purpose. The group

consisted of 450 members and 200 of them working actively. This was the biggest achievement of my

life. This not only motivated people, but also encouraged many colleges to start a writers’ club in their

colleges. People still know me for my work and Eyes For Blind has become a part of my identity. I also

got an opportunity to become Secretary of Youth Red Cross Society of our college; another achievement

where I got the opportunity to become a leader.

These achievements gave a new meaning to my name. Now I am a part of IIM Raipur, again an

achievement for me. Here I will try to overcome my weaknesses and enhance my qualities to fulfill

expectations of all those people because of whom I am here. I will try to reach that summit, the one

they have always dreamt for me.

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