Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The real life story of sheer resilience- Amit Kumar, IIM Raipur

"If you don't design your own life plan, chances are you'll fall into someone else's plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much."     - Jim Rohn

 On 23rd Dec’2000,  I met with a ghastly accident. This accident took in a rural place called Indapur (located on the Kokan, Mumbai Goa high way) during my family trip near Goa. I was crushed over & dragged by car around 20-25 feet’s (as per local News & the people who saw). I was lying on road unconscious. After 5-10 minutes when my father came to see me, he took me to the nearest district Hospital (Mangoan, 10-15 Km away from accident spot) where the doctors categorically asked my parents’ permission to amputate my leg to save my life as half of my ankle was crushed and a lot blood was wasted. My Parents brought me to Thane city private hospital same day where I had my 1st major operation. Further, I had many major & minor operations that included grafting, plastic surgery. I was not able to move a bit of my leg due to the interconnecting rods between my right & left legs that were screwed to my bone. X-ray clearly showed the threads of the rods on my bone. After around 30 days in various hospitals they removed the rods attached in my left leg, but not from the right leg.
On 31st Jan’2001, I was discharged from the hospital with supports steel structure on right leg so that I  should not move my right ankle and the foot remains joint to the leg. After 3 months all steel rods where removed. Most expenses for the hospitals and medicines where collected from charity from various NGO’s, while some where bored from relatives.
Doctors were of the the opinion that I won’t be able to walk without any support for my entire life.
"I have to walk on my own legs without any support to run", I decided. "I cannot lie on the bed" was the motto of my life. I started working very hard for it daily, started with crutches even with tremendous pain.
It didn’t shattered me or my aim. I had to walk on my own leg. I kept repeating it day in day out.
I had to repeat my course of 7th grade as my attendance due to hospitalization was not enough & further more they were not sure that I will be attending next year regularly. Which I continued on crutches, the feeling to go back to my regular school was not good. I was embarrassed to go on crutches, people were showing sympathy on me. But my will said that I had to continue and I cannot sit at home for life, I have to suffer this and I have to walk again on my own legs without supports. I lost all my so called friends (colleagues) as I could not play with them. This is the time I really came to know about my true friends & classmates. My hard work paid off as in Sept’2001 I left those crutches and started walking on Orthopedics shoe. Still my heart believed that I can even leave this support which I ultimately achieved.
Still right leg is disoriented 45% in damaged condition I suffer pain (sometimes) which I am used to it, but I can walk on my own legs without any supports.This is my biggest ever achievement, even bigger than my call from IIM because it taught me so many things which are impossible to put in words or can’t be shared. I believe God has given me a 2nd change for something which I hope I will figure out and will be focusing on it.

1) Be the One what you to be, accept the challenges as more bitter the experiences are the sweeter the success is. 

2) It on your Attitude & Dedication towards the problem which matters.

3) Create the target / Aim in Life & work for it.

Written by Amit Gandhi PGP2013-15, on his own life experience.

Monday, August 26, 2013

An Inspiring Tale-Yogesh Gupta

“I took the one less travelled by, and that has made all the difference”

Even though I started my life after my birth, actually I started living after losing my eyesight. I am Yogesh

Gupta, born and bought up in Pune. After an accident in 2001, I gradually lost my eyesight, completely

by 2008. Till 2005, I could only see sunlight, people standing close to me and sometimes dark colours,

not enough for studying. I went to Delhi in November 2005, for my eye-treatment and stayed there for

more than a year. Even after taking treatment from AIIMS, my eye condition wasn’t resolved. I came

back to Pune in February 2007 and decided to continue my studies.

At this stage, my first objective was to find a mentor to guide me how to go further with my education.

I visited some NGOs and received guidance about the courses and how to go about it. During this time

I met a teacher who decided to teach me for my 10

also taught me how to envision my dreams and how to achieve those dreams. As I moved further in my

life I started making new friends which are an important part of my life. Because of them the meaning

of my life changed and now I had a goal, an ambition to achieve. I wanted to get into IIMs and after

completing my education I wanted to be a leader in an organization. While dreaming of my ambition I

also came across many challenges which later on became learning experiences, not to forget the kind of

support I had of my family, teachers and friends. I never believed that I would be able to accomplish so

many things in my life.

In the first year of my graduation, I started a writers’ club which named as Eyes For Blind. The objective

of this group was to arrange and provide scribes to all the visually and physically challenged people

who were not able to write their paper on their own and needed assistant for this purpose. The group

consisted of 450 members and 200 of them working actively. This was the biggest achievement of my

life. This not only motivated people, but also encouraged many colleges to start a writers’ club in their

colleges. People still know me for my work and Eyes For Blind has become a part of my identity. I also

got an opportunity to become Secretary of Youth Red Cross Society of our college; another achievement

where I got the opportunity to become a leader.

These achievements gave a new meaning to my name. Now I am a part of IIM Raipur, again an

achievement for me. Here I will try to overcome my weaknesses and enhance my qualities to fulfill

expectations of all those people because of whom I am here. I will try to reach that summit, the one

they have always dreamt for me.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Pratigya-The Oath Taking Ceremony

A new rejuvenated Team Kartavya kick started its Annual Campaign with Pratigya-The Oath Taking Ceremony on 15th August, 2013.The theme of the event was to inculcate good work ethics in the future managers of the country.The event was attended with full fervor by the new PGP first year and the FPM program students Pratigya began with a short introduction speech that strived to sensitize the audience with the contemporary issues stymying the progress of the nation. Few excerpts from the speech:

“On this 67th Independence Day, we ought to ask ourselves some tough questions.Are we really heading towards the directions as envisaged by our nation’s founding fathers? Are we making real progress? Where are we headed towards as a nation? Is progress only about making Antillas’ and forgetting the slum-dwellers of Dharavi? Or is it only about us, the haves and not the have nots.
Real progress happens when the country grows not only economically, but also socially. These two are like the two horses drawing the same chariot. The chariot can’t move forward if the horses are moving differently. The onus ultimately lies with the charioteer i.e ‘us’ that has to ensure the two horses move in tandem.”

As future managers in the corporate world, our students shall be responsible for making decisions that will impact the lives of many. It’s here that the role of good values and ethics come into play. Ethics give us prudence to decide wrong from right. We finally need to take a call. Do we really want the chariot to move forward or not?

The speech was followed by the diya lighting that was performed by each of the 130 students present.

The Oath(as given below) was taken shortly and summed up the theme of Pratigya.

The soothing ambience of the diyas and the calmness of the night had a profound effect on the 130+ future managers and the evening was wrapped up with the following quote from the 1978 film "Saajan Bina Suhaagan":

"Madhuban sawaan deta hai,
Sagar jeevan deta hai,
Jeena uska jeena hai,
Jo auron ko jeewan deta hai"